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Cancer Sucks

For two decades, Graca Pereira battled with ovarian cancer. On Saturday, March 14 - close to the three year anniversary of the day she died - we fought back.

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About the Race

What is the Race?

The Full of Grace Run is roughly a 19.22 mile run that starts at MD Anderson in the medical center (where Graça underwent her chemotherapy treatments) and ends at the Memorial Oaks Funeral Home in West Houston. It is a remembrance, trial, celebration and statement:

A remembrance of the life of a superwoman

A trial to show a fraction of the toll chemotherapy and cancer takes on the human body

A celebration of life and the ability to move our bodies

A statement that Cancer Sucks and we are going to do something about it.

About the Route

The route (see below) starts at MD Anderson Cancer center and ends at the grave where Graça is buried. It is an extremely safe route with runners running on sidewalks the entire time. The course, which takes you through the city of Houston, is an intentional one, filled with places of importance to Graça and her family:

  • The Turkish Restaurant in Rice Village where we would all eat after long days of tests and meetings with doctors
  • The homes of all three of her kids and their families
  • The townhouse where she lived with her husband for 25 years
  • The TGF Haircutters where she would shave her head bald when it was falling out due to chemo
  • St. John Vianney, the Catholic Church she attended the entire time she lived in Houston

the Course

The course is an extremely safe course, with runners running on sidewalks 100% of the time. There will be five water stations, roughly every three miles.

Lace Up and Pay Up

So what can you do? You can join in on the run, sponsor the run, or a combination of the two:

Lace Up

Feel like running? Join in for all 19.22 miles, or any number of miles you feel comfortable with. The run is structured so that not everyone starts the race together, but everyone finishes together at the cemetery. So, for example, if you only want to run three miles, you would join in at mile 16 and finish the last three as a group.

Pay Up

Not a runner? Sponsor the run. Make a pledge to pay a certain amount for the entirety of the run. For example, if you pledge $10.00 a mile, you'd be making a donation of $192. All money raised will go directly to MD Anderson to further Ovarian Cancer research.

Lace Up AND Pay Up

No explanation needed, really. Run the race and sponsor a certain amount for each mile you actually run.

Cancer Sucks.

Do Something About It.

Interested in participating? Want more information? Type in your email address below, and we will be in touch soon.


For any additional information, inquiries, or requests for support, please contact Mark at info@fullofgrace31k.com.


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All proceeds from this run go to MD Anderson Ovarian Cancer Research, to help smart people find a cure for ovarian cancer.

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